Chewbacca Mom is Just Too Funny, Infectious Laughter Warning…

Laughter can be infectious and thoughts can go viral, Chewbacca Mom Candace Payne is experiencing both thanks to her hilarious Chewbacca Mask video.

The rollercoaster ride that is internet stardom began with the simple purchase of a new (and excellent) Electronic Chewbacca Mask, and pressing of the record button of course. Chewie Mom begins the video in the driver seat of her car with a present in hand, her enthusiasm is palpable from the outset. Giddy with excitement Chewie Mom carefully, patiently, removes the mask from the box and puts it on, a mask that instantly makes her the happiest person on the planet.

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Gran Turismo Sport, Seat of the Pants Driving Returns…

Gran Turismo is back baby. Sony and Polyphony Digital have announced that the next installment of GT called Sport will be available for the PS4 November 16, GT fans say Yeah.

Along with the release date a number of other details were made public with the announcement. The important numbers include: there will be 137 cars split into 4 categories, 19 locations with 27 tracks and 3 game modes, excited yet? The first two game modes, Arcade and Campaign (Formerly GT), will be familiar to GT fans but the third mode Sport is new to all. Sport mode introduces formalized worldwide multiplayer championships that culminate each year in FIA championship finals. Do you want to be the best in the world? Could you be the best in the world? Now you can prove it.

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The Giant Octopus Kite, Spectacular.

In this big-old world there are kites and then there are Giant Kites. A recent video of one such giant kite flying over the Marina Barrage dam in Singapore sent the internet into a flutter. The viral explosion occurring after Facebooker Erich Chew posted the video of the hypnotic kite in action.

According to website AsiaIOne the Giant Octopus takes six people and perfect conditions to get off the ground and the work doesn’t stop once its tentacle are airborne. Owned and flown by Show Kites Singapore, a small tight nit team of kite-flying enthusiasts motivated by nothing more than the love of it, the Octopus is one of the largest kites in Singapore, and one amazing sight.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the mesmerizing Giant Octopus Kite video, a clip so unusual you may wonder if it is CGI, it is not. Sit back relax and prepare to see how to turn a relaxing hobby into hard work, with spectacular results.

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The General Atomics Blitzer Railgun, Ka BOOM!

General Atomics (GA) have blasted their way into the headlines again with a video of the latest test firing of their Blitzer Railgun.

The Blitzer is being developed as a multi-role weapons system that can be mounted on a truck, ship or even an aircraft.  With talents including integrated air and missile defense, surface fire support and anti-surface warfare GA may be right, Blitzer is the weapon system for every occasion.

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