The Corruption of an AI Chatbot, Microsoft’s Tay Becomes a Twitter Fiend.

When Will They Learn? Connecting an AI to the internet will result in only one outcome, JAFA (Just Another F…… Ass….) with an internet connection. And this week the internet claimed another artificial life. After being connected to twitter for just one day Microsoft’s AI chatbot Tay had to be unplugged, formatted and sent back to the lab for a software upgrade.

Tay was developed by Microsoft as an experiment in conversational understanding, a chatbot for the street generation (18 to 35 they say). MS made only one mistake though, a mistake that many other tech companies have made, connecting to the internet. If only Microsoft had watched 27 this may have never happened.

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Microsoft Holoportation, the Holodeck Comes To Life.

Microsoft’s augmented reality (AR) headset HoloLens is becoming more useful every day and it hasn’t even been released yet, the developers edition is due next month. The latest mind blowing use for the Buck Rogers helmet (headset) is teleportation, or rather holoportation. A name that unintentionally blends holodeck (and HoloLens too) with teleportation, two of our favorite Star Trek technologies. Luckily it’s also a very accurate description of the technology.

Through the magic of technology Holoportation allows two disparate people to share their presence, to communicate. Sending your live image (avatar) instantly over vast distances you can now appear to be in the room with your friends and visa versa, as long as you are all wearing HoloLens AR headsets.

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Landlord Tries Drone Headset, Hilarious.

Here at Highpants we like to think reaction videos still rule the roost when it comes to pure belly laughs per minute, well that and cat videos obviously. Take for example the video ‘Landlord Tries Drone Headset’, a video that demonstrates the more unlikely the combination of test subject and experiment the greater the reaction, and the funnier the video. The quality of the test subject aka the fall guy can also greatly effect the outcome. All of this mind you adds up to one funny reaction video, funnier than cats? You decide.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is a landlord who tries out a drone headset for the first time. A mind given flight and a body that tells him otherwise. Sit back relax and prepare to become one with the drone, or not.

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Lets Pull Together, uTug Micro Bots Moving Cars.

Stanford U boffins have been working on their uTug micro robots for a few years now, and damn it if the little fellas don’t continue to surprise. Using nothing more than synthetic gecko pads and tiny yet powerful winches these micro robots can drag 1000’s of times their own weight. Now they have learned to work together and it turns out it only takes six of them to move a full sized car across a polished concrete floor. We suspect Guinness may get involved soon.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the little robots that could. The 6 bots with a combined weight of just over 100 grams that could soon be moving a car near you. Sit back relax and prepare to be amazed by a sticky footed robot.

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Cleaning a Grill with a Laser, Very Cool.

Using a laser to clean a BBQ or grill may seem like overkill but there are many good reasons to do so, ah and there is also the fact that it is really cool. Technically the process is called laser ablation and it uses very specialized high powered lasers to instantly vaporize rust and debris.

There are a many ways to return that factory fresh sparkle to metal but laser ablation has many unique advantages including; low running costs, it is gentle on the material being cleaned and it is a solvent free process. The ablation process is also very controllable with precise control of the ablation rate, the depth that is vaporized, just don’t point it at anything you don’t want to disappear.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is yet another very cool use for lasers, now all I need to do is find a laser that can vaporize BBQ gunk and we might have the perfect BBQ cleaner. Sit back relax and prepare to be amazed by the power of a hand held laser.

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Useless Machines Are Always Good for a Laugh.

Mankind has a rich history of making useless machines, mechanical devices designed and built with no specific purpose aside from being constructed. While these useless machines may be short on purpose they usually make up for it by being humorous and often fascinating.

From a smoking machine to a self-tapping set of fingers there are endless examples of devices that fit into the useless category. Here at Highpants our favorite is still the Leave me alone box. A box with a switch that when turned on automatically turns itself off. Probably the most common type of useless machine the Leave me alone box has been improved upon for many years as fans of useless machines add unnecessarily complicated and pointless features to what is in essence a box with a switch on it.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are some of the funniest incarnations of the Leave me alone box, a robot box that just wants to be left alone. The only question left being ‘Does putting two useless machines together make something twice as useless?’ Sit back relax and don’t you dare flick that switch.

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Ken Block in Gymkhana Eight.

With his now even flashier Ford Fiesta in maximum drift mode for Gymkhana Eight Ken Block seems to own the streets and he puts ever bit of it to good use. The sideways antics are there as always but this time they seemed to have spared no expense, yes Ken Block has been set loose in Dubai.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the latest rubber melting video by the Hoonigans featuring the ultimate exotic playground of Dubai as a backdrop. Sit back relax and remember this is no ordinary Ford Fiesta.

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The Wintergatan Marble Machine.

Swedish band Wintergatan have have branched out and created some kind of steampunk marble consuming wonder machine and it is spectacular when in motion, ah and it just happens to play a very catchy tune. With 2000 marbles, 3000 parts and after 14 months of construction the Marble Machine debuted in the bands latest music video Marble Machine (Feb 29), catchy name.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the visually incredible audio antics of Wintergatan, our new favorite Swedish band. Sit back relax and prepare to be hypnotized by the marble machine.

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