The Best Street Drummer in Las Vegas is Amazing.

In a world full of unrecognized and unbelievably talented people it is no surprise, sad but no surprise, that one of the best drummers in Las Vegas is a busker performing for spare change. Drumming to Wiz Khalifa’s ‘See You Again’ the performance starts out slow, matching the backing track perfectly until he lets loose with his high speed syncopated beats, this is one incredible sense of timing on show.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is possibly one of the best street performing drummers in Las Vegas. Evidence of the wealth of untapped musical talent that the mainstream music industry seems to ignore. An industry that really makes you wonder if the most talented people are what it is interested in, seriously an industry that puts Madonna at its head while vastly more talented people perform for change. Sit back relax and let the rhythm feed your soul, while your mind wonders why it is so.

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Why the English Language is Hilarious.

The English language is a mine field of logical rules that are then overlayed with seemingly nonsensical rules. Of course there is only one language that is free of these confusing rules but most people struggle to understand binary let alone speaking or writing with zeros and ones.

Hilarious YouTuber GradeAUnderA has recently released (explicit language) his take on the English alphabet and why he believes it is stupid along with ways that he thinks it should be improved. Not as eloquent as it is hilarious GradeA does have some interesting points none the less.

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Mainstream News is a Centrally Scripted Entertainment Service. If You Don’t Believe Watch This!

We all know in the back of our minds that the News we watch on TV has become a highly processed and packaged service like a video version of fast food.  Today it more closely resembles entertainment rather than an unbiased information service? Is it a bad thing that six large multinational companies own all of the News and Media companies around the world?

YouTuber and collector of interesting videos Gabbee has compiled many of examples of this disturbing state of affairs. Evidence that many news stories are indeed fed from a central source to the news rooms around the world and onto our eyes. While this is an interestingly funny video, think awkward laughter, it may be symptomatic of something far more disturbing.

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High Strangeness: Anti-Gravity Event in China?

Warning, you are about to enter a world of High Strangeness. Hit the play button to unlock the door to a world very much like our own, just much stranger. Confusing our perceptions and consternating the laws of physics the causes of this high strangeness are still a complete mystery.

The video opens with traffic flowing through a non-descript intersection in China. Traffic is flowing and life seems to be moving just as expected, everything is nice and normal. Then in the blink of an eye the High Strangeness door is swung open for a couple of second’s and in that time gravity seems to take a break as the cars near the intersection seem to leap into the air.

Like the infamous magic bullet that killed Kennedy the magic wire theory is leading the list of popular explanations. A theory that supposes a very thin high tensile wire has somehow become entangled with the cars as they passed over. Some cars lifted from the front some from the rear while even a car travelling in the opposite direction is caught up in the action. Giving the wire theory more weight  is the fact that as the cars are flung into the air there are a number of strange objects ricocheting around, small objects that seem to also be involved somehow. While the wire is a popular theory there is only one flaw with it, no wire can be seen no matter how much you zoom in or slow down the video, and for the wire to effect so many cars in so many ways there must have been masses of cable coiled all over the road.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is a video so mysterious and confusing that it may just make your head hurt for a while. Was it as simple as a wire on the road or something far more mysterious? Will you believe your own eyes or is your mind put at peace with a simple yet unconvincing explanation? Sit back relax and prepare to question your own perceptions.

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