Eminem’s ‘My Name Is’ as Performed by the Muppets, Hi Larious.

Mashup YouTube king Mylo the Cat has been hard at work once again, like some form of modern day alchemist MTC has managed to put together two unlikely ingredients in order to produce video gold. Two ingredients that when combined in just the right way are guaranteed to put a smile on your dial. Pure video gold produced by the unexpected hilarity of the Muppets performing the hugely successful Eminem track My Name Is. Who could argue with Scooter as Eminem and Kermit taking on the role of Dr Dre?

Presented for your viewing pleasure is one of the smoothest mashups to feature everyone’s favourite stuffed hand puppets, could there be a new Muppets album on the way (Please God No)? Sit back relax and turn it up loud this one rocks Muppets style.

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The Knife Wielding Tentacle.

Some inventions are born of a good idea that might just make life a little bit easier while other man made contraptions are simply the result of an idea that tickles the funny bone. The Knife Wielding Tentacle definitely falls into that later category and tickle the funny bone it does.

This Frankenstein contraption was constructed by YouTuber outaspaceman using nothing more than an Arduino board, a littleBits Protobit and some left over parts. With these simple parts outaspaceman has managed to create a contraption so evil that even sharks with lasers keep their distance. Now the only problem left is how to turn off the crazy contraption.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the most evil funny contraption to be invented this year. An invention so evil that the CIA are investigating hiring the tentacle as their new receptionist. Sit back relax and remember the tentacle knows all, let’s just hope the battery runs down soon.

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Cats versus Cucumbers, Startlingly Hilarious.

Few people would believe that a cat’s mortal enemy is the humble cucumber but it is and there is an abundance of video evidence to support this surprising fact. Thanks to the latest viral video sensation, the latest pastime to take the internet by storm, the evidence is quickly building. Cat owners around the world have been collecting evidence of this unusual consternation of the cats and the evidence suggest cats have serious political problem with cucumbers. However the poor cucumbers seem to want to just get close to cats and maybe become friends.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the hilarious videos captured by cat owners startling their feline friends with an inanimate cucumber. Hilarious videos of scaredy cats facing off against cucumbers. Sit back relax and remember to always keep an eye on the cucumbers, they can’t be trusted.

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Mechanical Techno, Unconventional Audio.

Often times the musical instruments we use to produce music are every bit as artistic as the music being made. But when an art piece is a musical instrument and produces its own musical performance is it like an artistic double dip? Take for example London based artist and musician Graham Dunning and his Mechanical Techno video, a video that sees his techno producing machine as both performer and instrument.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the quirky cool video that demonstrates a whole new way to make use of that old turntable and vinyl records. Sit back relax and let the beats roll on.

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Drone Racing Dreams, an Interesting FPV Insight.

The New York Times has recently posted a fascinating little documentary that provides a sneak peek into the quickly expanding pass-time of FPV drone racing. A pass time that puts the pilots into Star Wars style speeder races, the view through the pilots VR Headset really does closely resemble the famous speeder races from the films.

The proliferation of personal drones and cheap off the shelf parts has seen this new style of racing quickly expand over the last few years. Started in unused buildings and parks around the world FPV racing has now grown to the point that tens of thousands of dollars are on the line at competitions.  Is FPV racing the killer application for this now ubiquitous technology?

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Colin Furze and his Apocalypse Bunker, Man Cave Madness.

That mechanical maniac Colin Furze has recently completed his most ambitious project yet, a backyard apocalypse bunker that will withstand everything from a nuclear attack to zombie invasion. As with all Furze madness it isn’t enough to build any ordinary bunker, no all Furze projects have to turn it up to 11 and see what happens. In this case Colin has managed to build one hell of a bunker then turned it up to 11 by converting the bunker into one spectacular man cave. With tons of steel and yards of cement carefully arranged and poured the Furze Bunker isn’t mucking around either, this is an Abrams Tank built 3 meters underground.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the making of video (short version) for the underground bunker generating man cave jealousy around the world. Kudos to Colin for maintaining the madness. Sit back relax and prepare to be surprised by how cool a hole in the ground can be.

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Do Chickens Float?

Some questions in life can only truly be answered with a practical test, the collection of solid real world data is the scientific way after all. Taking this scientific approach YouTuber Nothd70 sought to answer the age old question ‘Do Chickens Float?’ Of course the only way to answer this question definitively is to find a co-operative chicken and an easily accessible body of water.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the video result of one hilarious experiment, the answer to a question that no one has thought to ask, do chickens float? Sit back relax and prepare for soggy roast chicken for dinner.

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Married Life and Cars, Where is that Whining Noise Coming From?

Married life may not always be bliss but at least it can be funny, a sense of humour I am often told is the secret to a happy marriage. Partnering with his wife for the ‘Where is my cars whiny noise coming from?’ skit YouTuber balisongman07 and his better half poke a little fun at the foibles of marriage, turning what might be one of his many grievances into an hilarious positive.

Presented for you viewing pleasure is the skit that brings couples back together faster than a tube of relationship superglue, a skit putting the happily back into married. Sit back relax and please don’t try this out home unless you have clearance Clarence.

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Is this Massive Explosion after a Saudi Airstrike on Sanaa due to a Tactical Nuke?

Saudi Arabia backed by America seem set on dictating the political future of its much smaller and poorer neighbour Yemen. While this may or may not be justified the Saudi’s have undoubtedly shown they are willing to go to almost any measure to produce an outcome they are satisfied with, including the apparent use of tactical nuclear weapons.

The latest video evidence of a massive explosion in Sanaa does seem to show an explosion mushroom cloud that burns hot with a long constant rumble like a small tactical nuclear weapon. Watch the video and judge for yourself, tactical nuke or not?

The W38 nuclear artillery shell is the most famous tactical nuclear weapon for use on the battlefield. Developed in 1963 it could be fired by a standard Howitzer canon but with far more explosive power than gunpowder munitions, 15 kilotons on average. The smaller shoulder fired Dave Crocket nuclear bazooka yielded an explosive equivalent to 100 tons of TNT, an explosion roughly equivalent to that seen in Sanaa.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the shocking video of what appears to be a tactical nuclear weapon being used on Yemen’s capital city. Prepare to be shocked by the reality of war in the nuclear age.

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Out of the High Tech Man-Shed comes the Homemade Rail Gun and the Homemade Plasma Rifle.

Many a great idea has moved from concept to working prototype under the roof of a modern man shed, a fortress of solitude for many. Two very good examples of the creativity that takes place in the shed have recently been demonstrated to the world. Two variations on the always impressive electromagnetic rail gun.

Ziggy Zee and his band of electromagnetic enthusiasts are fist up with their rail gun powered by a series of 9 volt batteries. Don’t underestimate the power of the Duracell however, the heavy weight gun fires chunks of aluminium with 27,000 joules of power. Still not up with BAE’s rail gun that fires with 33 mega-joules of power but it is enough to wreak havoc on pumpkins and mobile phones. Certainly enough power to make you want to stand clear when firing.

Next up Alex Smyth and friends assembled something a little bit different, a rail gun that fires plasma bullets. Instead of using a slug of lifeless aluminium as the projectile the Alex rifle uses a coper sleeve with a capsule of Zeon gas inside. As the Zeon capsule passes through the rail gun it becomes excited and turns into a plasma gas able to piece steel plate. An altogether impressive piece of home-made kit.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the spectacular test firings of two new home-made rail guns. Demonstration videos that highlight the power of a good man shed and some electricity. Sit back relax and prepare to be impressed by the magical power of magnets.

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