SoundHound takes Voice Recognition to Stunning New Levels.

Many people with busy lives have often wondered how nice it would be to have an assistant. Someone there just to help with the mundane tasks. Such an arrangement is bound to lead to many more tasks getting done, surely? Unfortunately not many of us can afford the opportunity to test the theory so we go assistant-less, sigh.

As always technology is coming to our rescue in the shape of the virtual assistant, the voice interface is finally listening. Demonstrating just how far voice has progressed SoundHound recently gave the  world a sneak peak at their Hound app. With lightning fast reflexes Hound is capable of answering any question and may one day become everyone’s favorite virtual assistant.

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QuadMovr, the Hyper-Speed Drone.

Humanity has learned through many years of building machines that there is now problem that can’t be solved with more mechanical power. YouTuber and extreme quadcopter enthusiast QuadMovr has taken this philosophy to heart and built one hell of a drone.

Not just fast this little drone is spectacularly fast, Formula 1 kind of fast, it just never seems to be going slow even during 90 degree turns (you will need to watch the videos in full screen just to keep the Movr in sight).

QuadMovr’s need for speed is fed by 22 volt electricity. The quadcopter is hand built using off the shelf parts and designed to work at the higher than normal voltage. The lightweight design and extra power should see QuadMovr’s drone  achieving well over 100kph flat out, some speculate a top speed of over 140kph might be possible with this hardware.

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Fireworks Poi, Very Cool.

The start of July seems to be the fireworks time of year for many places around the world, even the Northern Territory in Australia gets into the act on Territory day. Zane Miller used this celebratory opportunity to let off some fireworks and combined it with his Poi skills to produce one hell of a spectacular video. Substituting the Poi with fireworks turned out to be just as spectacular as it was dangerous.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the hypnotic twist on fire twirling that is fireworks poi, faster, spinnier and even more dangerous than the fire stick. Sit back relax and remember don’t look directly at the flame, it will make you dizzy.

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Stunning Cloud Camouflage UFO.

Making atmospheric waves on the internet this week is a most unusual UFO (besides the cube UFO, been a big week), that seems to be camouflaged as a cloud.

Captured flying in the skies above North Philadelphia what at first glance appears to be a smallish fluff of cloud staying relatively stationary quickly becomes far more interesting. Captured by Hector Garcia, who’s excited voice is also captured, the video continues un-spectacularly until Hector zooms in and the cloud can be seen to rotate unlike any natural cloud. Then it starts to move and things get really weird.

Debate is currently raging as to the nature of this unidentified flying object, an industrial sized bubble, natural but unusual cloud formation, the list goes on. The Paranoid Android in us screams out unnatural object but as always knowledge is completely democratic, you watch and make up your own mind.

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Animal Farm has Arrived, Dog Steals Hose Chases Man.

Animal Farm may be an allegory but I bet Orwell would be as surprised as anyone to see his animal tale come to life, but it has. Americas Funniest Video recently captured the evidence and it starts with one friendly black dog who takes the lead in the revolution and turns the hose on his owner. The very soaked and surprised pet owner now abides by the mantra that everyone is equal before the hose and everyone gets equal time with the hose, still a democratic improvement for the household.

Democracy in action has never been this funny, and let’s face it the dog is good, really corrals that human while giving him a generous soaking. Could teaching his human to fetch be next for this clever black dog? Sit back relax and prepare to enjoy the most humorous table turning in many years.

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The TSA’s 12 Signs you’re a Terrorist.

Travel through any of America’s airports and you will encounter a new level of security that only an organisation such as the TSA could provide. In order to make your journey as smooth as possible ReasonTV have provided 12 simple things to keep in mind while traversing these security hotspots.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the hilarious travel guide for a smooth journey. Tips that will hopefully make your trip as un-invasive as possible. Sit back relax and remember to not look nervous, that’s two points automatically.

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Boycott Jurassic World, the Proclamation of Funny.

Sometimes a trip to the movies involves far more than a cinematic journey, especially when accidental racism is involved. Comedian and outraged cinema goer Guzzy Bear recently experienced this very phenomenon while venturing to the movies for the latest block buster Jurassic World. Reacting very strongly to the apparent racism in the film Guzzy takes a stand! His video proclamation to the world ‘Boycott Jurassic World’. Guzzy’s message unfortunately has been clouded by the fact that the video is so funny that no one knows if he’s serious or not, not even the cameraman filming his fired up friend.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the video that has the internet simultaneously scratching its head and laughing. A case of comic relief or relief of a comic, I’m still not sure? Sit back relax and just try not to laugh.

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MegaBot Rumble, Challenge Accepted in the Robot Battle of the Century…

The world isn’t large enough for two mega robots, so it’s only natural that soon after  MegaBot II was demonstrated the challenge would be thrown down, and thrown down it was. Young upstarts MegaBot Inc issued the challenge last week, Suidobashi Heavy Industry subsequently replied with a request for melee combat and now it’s time for 2 mega robots to go to war. In one year’s time on a battle field still to be decided the two largest working manned robots will compete for Mega Robot dominance.

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There Is One Flop better than a Belly Flop, the Ultimate Back Flop…

Normally the belly flop is the dive of choice for those wishing to make an impression at the pool but one true master of the h20 has recently put them all to shame, performing the world’s most perfect back flop.

Seeming to pause in mid-air and with an almost spirit level perfectly flat orientation contact with the water occurred almost completely simultaneously across her entire body, the splash generated (as you will see) is truly tremendous.

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The Accidental Electrician demonstrates Singing Tesla Coils…

The internet’s favourite accident prone electrician Mehdi Sadaghhdar has returned to his workshop once more, this time with the ambulance on speed dial Mehdi demonstrates the amazing properties of everyday Tesla coils.

High voltage rock and roll was never been truer as Mehdi pumps up the current to demonstrate electricity in its visible state, sparks. Sparks that can make music as well as shocking pain.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the ultimate don’t try this at home video that seems to get funnier as the voltage gets higher? Sit back relax and let the electrical spectacular begin.

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