FIAT 500 Abarth Venom, The 2013 Insane Edition…

Small streets, tight corners, squeezing through unforgiving gaps, inner city living has necessitated a class of car that matches the hustle and bustle of life in the city. The city cars are this class of car. Compact, cheap and reliable, these are the words that quickly became the catch cry of the city car owners.

The Abarth treatment of the FIAT 500 creates one insane city car, a pocket rocket. FIAT still wanted more though it seems. They needed something special to celebrate the release of the new FIAT 500 Abarth, so they created the Venom. This is what happens when you put a car through Abarth’s tuning factory line twice, no longer is turning the dial to 11 enough, somehow FIAT have found the 12 on a dial that only goes to 10.

FIAT has this week garnered much attention for the release of the 2013 FIAT 500 and its bad boy half brother, the Abarth. Catrrinel Menghia had cameras a flashing and reporters dashing, for interviews. Turning seemingly profession journalists into fumbling adolescents once again.

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AMD’s Fusion Update, They Still Call Me Trinity. Trinity Released May 15, Brazos 2 Already Available…

Brazos 2.0 the newest member of AMD’s Fusion APU platform, Application Processing Unit. A new blend of graphics chip and traditional CPU, reducing an entire computer to a single chip.

AMD’s APU technology is about to be fully refreshed with it’s second generation Fusion APU’s being released, first to arrive is Brazos 2. This sub-notebook low power computing chip, Brazos 2, is now being delivered to manufacturers, technically already released as all of its customers are laptop manufacturers. Expect hardware using Brazos 2 to start appearing in early May, while the Trinity APU’s will be released on May 15.

This is the first of AMD’s next generation silicon that it hopes will take the battle to Intel. Aiming squarely for the googlies AMD hopes to take over the Ultrabook market before Intel even has it’s hardware released. This will of course require AMD to execute their plan without unexpected hold-ups or cancellations.

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Men In Black Encounter Shakes Up Hotel Staff, Alien MIB Impersonators or Halloween Prank?!!

Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada, one of the many great tourist destinations of Canada, a picturesque bay surrounded by lush wilderness. Recently Niagara Falls has been far more than just a destination for those inclined to spend time in the great outdoors, and tourists. It is has become a hotspot of UFO and MIB – Men In Black– activity.

The most recent MIB incident took place in Niagara Falls Hotel. Having reported seeing a UFO on the Niagara Falls skyline, the Hotel manager and a security guard subsequently reported a very unusual MIB encounter. Most unusual for any MIB encounter, the two agents were captured by the Hotels security cameras. Seen entering and later departing from the Hotel the two well dressed gentleman left a lasting impression on Hotel staff.

The video (via Aerial Phenomenon Investigations) presents a very interesting case for possibly capturing the highly unusual existing in plain sight.

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The Alienware Über Laptop Refresh…

Michael Dell long ago used an Alienware laptop, he liked it so much he bought the company. Since those early halcyon days the Über laptop market has become far more crowded and competitive. Alienware continue to this day to produce some of the most powerful laptops in the world, now Alienware is once again taking the Über laptop battle to the competition.

The 29th will see Alienware refresh it’s line-up of high powered angular Stealth fighter reminiscent laptops. Known for their edgy, if not outrageous design, advanced lighting system and supercomputer levels of performance the Alienware M series are about to be turned all the way up to 11.

Updated versions of the M14x, M17x and the Über M18x are all due for a refresh. All models have been upgraded to 6GB minimum of DDR3 1600 Ram, PCI Express X3 for double the graphics to CPU bandwidth, the latest Intel Core i7 (Sandy Bridge) options, Sound Blasters latest Recon3Di High-Definition hardware along with the latest SSD storage options.

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The Tablet Wars Twist And Turn. Apple, Samsung, ASUS, Acer And The Rest Of The Gang…

Since the days of Moses Tablets have been an important tool for recording and sharing information. Sure Moses used his tablet with an iron stylus and hammer, his tablet was made of stone after-all. Strangely enough the purpose was the same whether stone or silicon, its all about information and connecting with people.

A few quick statistics. Worldwide tablet sales for Q3 2011, Apple 11 million, Samsung 1 million, HP 903,000. The Amazon Kindle has sold over 6million units in its short life so far. Android currently owns 42% of the US market, Gartner research expects Android to surpass Apples iPad in market share within the next two years.

IDC is forecasting that tablet sales will be in the hundreds of millions by 2016, they mustn’t think much of Windows tablets though, as they also quote 2016 as the year they pass 1million sales a year. Not great for the mighty Microsoft but great for Android and iPad tablets. Retailers are also overjoyed with the incredible growth in the tablet market, you could easily get the feeling they are the only thing keeping cash registers going ca-ching at the moment.

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Rods aka SkyFish, A Phenomenon Most Unusual…

Rods, also known as SkyFish by many, are the latest phenomenon to capture the attention of the world. A phenomenon so strange that many theorise they may be a new form of life.

Moving at incredible speed Rods have managed to steer clear of everyday observation, until now. Footage has now been captured on every continent around the world, with a similar phenomenon even captured on video while orbiting aboard the space shuttle.

With long slender bodies, cylindrical in shape and fins that spiral around their bodies rods are unusual yet very organic in appearance. Ranging in size from 30 centimeters to almost 30 meters in length, the size can vary greatly. Yet even the various sizes keep the same proportions and shape.

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Hubble Space Telescopes Birthday. Birthday Cake In Space….

April 22nd 2012, a non-descript day for many, but for one orbiting telescope, and her ground crew, this is a very special day, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope will celebrate her 22nd birthday.

With 22 years of outstanding contribution to scientific knowledge along with some of the most amazing images of space, Hubble’s place in history has already been secured, what will she discover in the next 22 years?

While Hubble has watched the Cosmos we have watched her grow up from awkward glasses wearing kid to becoming the hardest working telescope in the world, James Brown style. 22 years in space technology is a lifetime. NASA has already begun construction of Hubble’s replacement, the James Webb Space Telescope, due to enter service in the next decade.

Included for your viewing pleasure are some of the most eye catching videos of Hubble’s handy work along with the most visually incredible images captured during Hubble’s first 22 years in service.

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The Eizo DuraVision FDH3601. The 4k Monster Monitor…

Industrial monitors, a market that values quality over price. The deep corporate pockets of their customers removes the normal cost limitations of the retail world, creating a technological bubble. A place where the latest technology often appears first, with astronomical price-tags. Wince inducing scary kinds of numbers. An amazing technological preview for the rest of us.

The latest technology preview, for the rest of us, is the industrial Eizo DuraVision FDH3601 4k display. This 28kg heavy weight monster is able to display a 4096 by 2160 pixel picture over its 37.4 inch IPS LCD Panel. At 8.8 megapixels the monitor, designated the DuraVision FDH3601, is the first in a new class of high density IPS panel. Imagine a 37.4 inch iPad 3 retina display with better color.

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The Pebble Smart Watch, The Incredible Über Smartphone Assistant For Your Wrist…

Pebble Technology (Allerta) have created the perfect hi-tech Über smart wrist watch. Currently seeking pledgers on the fund raising website Kickstarter Pebble is attracting huge amounts of attention, attracting over 10,000 pledgers and over $1.4 million in 4 days, Pebble looks to be an early hit. With 36days to go till funding is closed and production begins Pebble is anxiously being anticipated by many.

The designers of the amazing InPulse smart watch for Blackberry have finally brought their magic to the iPhone and Android world. In one foul swoop they have completely re-invented the wrist watch for the 21st century. While the InPulse was a tad bulky, and frankly attaching their wagon to Blackberry seems a little insane, InPulse was still a wrist bound technological tour de force.

Learning as they go Allerta have created the most incredible Smart-phone assistant ever. Think of Pebble as a second display for your smartphone, one that is immensely more accessible, and generally always visible. While vibration notifications offer convenient silent operation, without the strange looks.

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Sony E Series Laptop, Fashion Computing With Gesture Recognition???

Sony VAIO laptops are once again making a fashion statement, and we like it. Reminiscent of seeing that new supermodel strut her stuff down the catwalk, yes the catwalk, the new E Series laptop is out there with a strut and plenty of attitude.

Being a 14 inch laptop the Sony has sturdy but slender proportions, measuring in at 245 x 22.4 x 341mm and staying just above the yellow line weighing in at 2.3kg (5.07 pounds) with the standard battery.

With luminous pinstripes and highlights the little details give the E Series it’s science fiction flare. The illumined keyboard reminds us what the E Series is here for, a keeper of our keystrokes, as a laptop Sony haven’t skimped on the fundamentals. The combination of fast Intel CPU with dual hybrid graphics provide enough speed for everyone from the casual gamer to video editors on the go.

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