The Incredible Disappearing Mercedes B-Class F-Cell, The Invisible Mercedes Benz…

Mercedes-Benz is once again promoting the next generation power source, the Fuel Cell or as Mercedes has branded it, F-Cell. In the process they have created the coolest B-Class Mercedes-Benz ever, a car traditionally known as a family wagon is now the centre of a video that has captured everyone’s attention. The Invisible Mercedes-Benz.

Utilising thousands of LED’s the camouflaged B-Class was driven around the streets turning heads as it went. While the technique of invisibility is straightforward implementing it was no easy feat. Requiring thousands of LED’s and a Canon EOS 5D Mark II D/SLR on the far side of the car to generate the illusion. The image from the camera being portrayed by the LED’s on the car, giving the appearance of invisibility. Like a modern form of magic using a slight of hand and mirrors, in a digital sense, Mercedes has created a visually stunning promotional tool for their F-Cell.

The publicity machine at Mercedes-Benz is certainly churning away. The end of 2011 saw a team drive a fleet of B-Class F Cell Merc’s around the world. Many journalists were given a hands on preview, most having only good things to say about the handling and power. Mercedes-Benz is especially keen to emphasise the zero impact nature of hydrogen and fuel cells, along with the perky performance and range.

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UN Causes Haitian Cholera Outbreak, Denies It’s Sewage Stinks!!!

Haiti, a vibrant and beautiful country – look deeper -, that has had a really bad run of luck. First they get hit by a record breaking Hurricane, then an Earthquake flattens anything left stand and finally the UN arrive with a special surprise, Cholera. While the soldiers carrying the bacteria have unknowingly spread the disease the outbreak has been devastating to an already struggling population. Since the UN’s arrival and the beginning of the outbreak , 2010, over 7,000 Haitians have died and 526,000 have become ill with Cholera.

A Haitian law firm and its international partners have filed a complaint against the United Nations last year on behalf of the victims. The legal team is seeking $100,000 compensation for each of the victims family. There is also a class action lawsuit attempting get the UN to rebuild the countries water purification systems. These complaints are under review by the world body’s legal office, but the wheels of justice move very slowly in the UN.

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Japanese Invent Silence Ray Gun, The Speech Jammer.

Japanese researchers obsessed with good manners have developed a hand held device capable pausing any conversation.

The creators Kazutaka Kurihara and Koji Tsukada have stated their intention was to allow the enforcing of proper conversation etiquette. The device itself resembles an oversized black box with a trigger handle, obviously this is a prototype only at the moment. In its current state of development the gun requires an external PC to do the audio processing, limiting its use to indoor environments, such as class rooms, teachers rejoice.

There are already many theories that the Silent Ray Gun could be used to combat free speech. This is overstating the effect of the Silence Ray Gun and understating the various forms of communication that add up to free speech.

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Valve To Release A Steam Powered Console PC, The Steam Box…

The war between console gaming and PC gaming is about to heat up, and become a lot more confused. Valve the creators of many things gaming are said to be planning a Steam based Console PC. According to website ‘The Verge’, Valve is designing a set-top box / console gaming device that would incorporate Steams new interface. Allowing the Steam Box to run all of Steams PC games. Some are calling it the Steam Box but we prefer Steam Console PC.

At its heart the Steam powered Console PC would run on standardized Windows PC hardware with the emphasis being a TV integrated experience. Steam is said to be attempting to bring the easy to use console experience to PC hardware, all wrapped in a compact exterior.

There is no mention of pricing, which will be one of the major factors for establishing such a system. The concept actually becomes extremely interesting if fast and cheap are combined successfully. With the potential of making the entire Steam catalog of games available to a whole new group of gamers, Console PC gamers. There is also no detail on the final look or design of the console, here at Highpants were just hoping they take the obvious queues, a Steam Punk console would be incredible.

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Holographic Displays, The HoloAd Diamond Series and Microsoft’s Holographic TechLab Bringing Science-Fiction To Life…

Leading edge display technology and advertising seem to go hand in hand. Always attempting to attract attention advertisers have proven themselves willing to take a chance on untested technology.

Holographic projection seems to be the latest darling of the advertising community, InnoVision being the latest to demonstrate a real product, aimed squarely at advertising and promotion. Expect to see some stunning advertisement placements, in places you would least suspect.

Microsoft’s has recently demonstrated a number of holographic technologies, all pure R&D, no completed products in sight. Microsoft’s demonstrations however did push the boundaries of interaction, developing new ways to interact with the digital world. You can be certain that parts of the technology are bound to end up in advertisements all around us.

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Samsung’s Bendy Display, Super OLED TV and the Year of The OLED…

Just as it seems the war of TV technologies has been won by the ubiquitous LCD panel a new technology joins the fray, OLED. It turns out that victories are very short lived in the world of technology, LCD won’t have long to enjoy the top spot. Samsung has seen this new combatant approaching from afar, plans have been made, and deals are being done,

Samsung has seen the LCD rise from being a quirky little display to being the dominant force in display technology. Now with the market having become crowded with cheap manufacturers and razor thin margins Samsung is having to adapt.

Samsung is looking to the future, and its covered in flexible OLED’s. Recently a Samsung executive confirmed they will begin producing flexible displays for mobile phones this year. Allowing for curved displays expect some most unusual designs towards the end of the year. The recent CES convention in Las Vegas saw Samsung demonstrating a number of curved displays, a particularly eye catching sight, along with their next generation Super OLED 55 inch TV.

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Microsoft Takes Flight, Free To Fly…

Microsoft has after much rumor and speculation made the free to play flight simulator, Flight, available for download. Not a direct replacement for the quintessential Flight Simulator, instead Microsoft Flight hopes to bring the wonders of flight to a whole new generation.

The new free to play game already has a number of paid extras available for download. World War 2 Mustang, extra terrain and missions, The initial free map encompasses the main Hawaiian island. Starting with the Big Island of Hawaii, it will be interesting to see how Microsoft expands the maps and missions, will there be more free to play maps?

Holders of a Windows Live gaming account can get extra freebies by signing up through their Live account, it’s also the easiest way to register for the game.

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