SDO’s Second Birthday, The Solar Tornado and The Approaching Solar Maximum in 2013…

“When Athol previewed this video to the office we were unanimously stunned, easily the video of the month. We set him to writing, chaining him to his desk. For your reading pleasure and visual stimulation we present NASA’s Solar Tornado and other interesting Solar facts”, Buddha’s Brother.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory – SDO – permanently keeps one eye open looking at the Sun, even on its second birthday. To celebrate two years of duty NASA has released incredible footage from our solar spy in the sky, the clearest footage ever captured of a Solar Tornado. Confirming the most unusual fact that the Sun also has Tornadoes, a little known phenomenon of galactic proportions.

Clearly visible in the video is a planet sized Tornado as large as the Earth. Held within multiple overlapping magnet fields the Tornado dances along the surface of the Sun, wind speeds of 500,000 kilometres per hour make this an amazingly massive and powerful storm.

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Anomalous Objects on The Moon Part 2: China’s Pictures Of The Moon And Its Anomalous Structures…

Not only is China a new economic super power but it is also pushing to become a super-power in space. As a part of this push into space and the moon China has sent a second satellite to map the moon.

Chang’e 2 is that satellite and it has returned the most detailed visual map of the moon ever. Released in early February the photos have appeared on many science sites around the web. Now after having a closer look at the detailed images people around the web have started to notice unusual structures captured by the images, these are Anomalous Objects on the Moon.

The video included does indeed highlight some very unusual structures, with many square – unnatural – shapes. The structures have an almost Babylonian or Ziggurat shape. It is recommended that you turn off the sound on the video and concentrate on the pictures, the audio is from a disclosure video discussing NASA’s hidden evidence of structures on the Moon, it is not discussing the pictures being shown in the video.

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Robobees, The Monolithic Pop-Up Robotic Bee…

Miniature manufacturing processes were once solely the territory of Swiss watch makers, hand assembling tiny machines with precision. These types of manufacturing processes has never transferred well to mass production, until now.

A team of Harvard scientists have taken micro sized mass production in a whole new direction. Inspired by origami and fold out books the team has developed an incredible micro machine that requires almost zero human assembly. The Mobee is the first example of such a manufacturing process, a tiny collection of sub millimeter parts that self-assemble into miniature robotic Bee.

“This takes what is a craft, an artisan process, and transforms it for automated mass production,” says Pratheev Sreetharan (A.B. ’06, S.M. ’10), who co-developed the technique with J. Peter Whitney. Both are doctoral candidates at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS).

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Updated. Roswell on The Sea Floor, A Second Object Found

CNN is reporting that the Peter Lindberg and his team of treasure hunters – The Ocean Explorer team – have found a second unexplained object on the floor of the Baltic sea.

After discovering the initial object in June the team had to wait out winter before returning to the site for further exploration. The original object found by the explorers bore an extraordinary resemblance to the Millennium Falcon, even more astounding was what appeared to be a large tail fin on the craft and crash trail some 400 meters long leading to the craft and its resting place.

“I have been doing this for nearly 20 years so I have a seen a few objects on the bottom, but nothing like this,” said Lindberg.

With a side scan radar sub in tow they peered in to the murky depths once again, and lucked upon a second unusual object. The second find is somewhat smaller but is also circular and not easily explained. Resting some 200 meters from the original find it is unknown if the two are connected. Lindberg believes the objects are too large to be part of a ship wreck or to have fallen off a ship. “We’ve heard lots of different kinds of explanations, from George Lucas’s spaceship — the Millennium Falcon — to ‘it’s some kind of plug to the inner world. But we won’t know until we have been down there,” said Lindberg.

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Nissan’s Wonder Twins, The Nissan Juke-R and GT-R 2012. Jukezilla and Godzilla Take on the World.

Nissan has always produced highly modifiable cars, intentional or not their cars have been hugely popular with drifters and street races, once duly modified. Now Nissan has beaten everyone to the punch and produced what they describe as the world’s fastest cross-over, the Juke-R is actually the world’s most extreme hot hatch.

The Juke was released in 2010, with its unusual looks and very useable interior it won a lot of friends. Being a cross-over it combines the qualities of an sports off-roader with the size and shape of a hatchback. While the plain vanilla Juke may be an interesting curio Nissan has constructed something very special with its Juke-R. Wanting to prove the point Nissan has even released a video of the Juke-R racing three other super-cars. – see below -.

Dressed in black carbon fibre the Juke-R is the standard Jukes evil twin. A smoking hot hatch in the greatest tradition of mental cars. This is no ordinary hot hatchback mind you, with a Nissan GT-R’s engine, transmission and four wheel drive somehow shoe horned into the Jukes body. Part Juke part Godzilla, this is the Jukezilla.

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The FBI prepares to Kill Zombie Trojan Network, 4 million PC’s Must Die!!!

In this Internet connected world the FBI have had to expand the list of super villains that they are hunting down. The new generation of super villain is wired and connected, existing in the ethereal world of the internet as an avatar and making use of zombie machines to do their bidding. Not only do the FBI need to track down these crafty individuals but they are also tasked with cleaning up the mess left behind by these super villains. The by-product of this latest victory may drop 4 million machines off the internet in one day.

The FBI’s latest clean-up involves the DNSChanger Trojan. This sordid little tale begins with the arrest of six men in Estonia. The arrests were made in November with the Estonian authorities reporting that the six were suspected of using DNSChanger Trojan malware to redirect victims to malicious websites and block them from genuine security sites that might’ve removed the infection. There are at least four million computers infected by the trojan worldwide. Not just limited to home PC’s the trojan has also found its way onto many corporate machines.

Since the arrests the FBI has been working to identify the infected machines and directing the relevant ISPs to clean up the infections. The FBI currently has court orders allowing it to use its own DNS servers to track – in itself a form of hacking – the infection, this court order runs out on March 8. As you would imagine this is a slow and tedious job, and it has zero chance of being completed by March 8.

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Swiss CleanSpace One, The Swiss Getting All OCD On Our Space Junk!…

And now for a little stimulation from the mental gymnasium. BB presents an interesting snippet on the Swiss solution for space junk. The Swiss in Space.

A Swiss team of scientist has initiated the CleanSpace One project. In a fit of obsessive compulsive cleaning the Swiss have had enough of everyone leaving their junk in low earth orbit and have taken it upon themselves to clean up our act. The Swiss Space Center at EPFL has indeed this week announced the their intentions. The CleanSpace One project has been initiated to develop and build the first installment of a family of satellites specially designed to clean up space debris.

“It has become essential to be aware of the existence of this debris and the risks that are run by its proliferation,” says Claude Nicollier, astronaut and EPFL professor. To move beyond mere rhetoric and take immediate action to get this stuff out of orbit, the Swiss Space Center at EPFL is launching CleanSpace One, a project to build the first prototype in a family of “de-orbiting” satellites.

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President Eisenhower’s Alien Lunch Dates

Timothy Good a former U.S. Congress and Pentagon consultant has made some spectacular claims that have set the news wire a buzz. During his latest public appearance he not only claims that governments around the world have been in regular contact with aliens for many decades but also President Eisenhower had three meetings with our intergalactic brothers.

Appearing on Frank Skinner’s BBC2 current affairs show Opinionated, he said ‘Aliens have made both formal and informal contact with thousands of people throughout the world from all walks of life,’ he added.

Asked why the aliens don’t go to somebody ‘important’ like Barack Obama, he said: ‘Well, certainly I can tell you that in 1954, President Eisenhower had three encounters, set up meetings with aliens, which took place at certain Air Force bases including Holloman Air Force base in New Mexico. Adding that there were ‘many witnesses’.

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The H.265 HDTV Standard, The New Digital Container For Our Content…

The march of technology continues on, with a steady drum beat advancements are made.

Displays and the content that brings them to life also march to the drum beat. Being reliant on a set of evolving standards that control the resolution and quality of that content. doesn’t help While we have all become accustomed to the current high definition and its standards – 720p, 1080p etc. – along with the H.264 codec, change is in the wind.

The H.265 codec is approaching the final stages of development, the new standard will allow for much higher resolution displays and far better compression ratios. This is the missing piece of the puzzle for the next generation of high definition, the 4k revolution.

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VLC 2.0, VideoLAN Media Player 2.0 Set For Release

VLC, the indispensable and ubiquitous video playback application has finally reached version 2.0. This simple, powerful and fast media app plays everything you could throw at it, files, discs – DVD, CD, VCD, Blu-Ray -, Webcams and Streams. All of this without the need for an extra codec pack or plug-ins. VLC has set the standard for light and powerful video playback software, it just works.

With today’s announcement the VideoLAN Organisation has made available the final release candidate of version 2. This is part of the build up before the big release of the finalized version 2.0, which will be available later this week. The risk takers amongst us can test the new software right away by downloading the file from VLAN, While the sensibly pre-disposed only have a few days to wait for the completed V 2.0. While the overly cautious will probably wait for the early 2.0 bugs to be squashed. Still, the stability of the available release candidate bodes well for the final version.

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