The 1000mph Car, Bloodhound SSC…

This week the Bloodhound SSC gang released a new behind the scenes video of the race to pass 1,000 miles per hour, the race to reset the world land speed record. This time around the man behind the wheel Andy Green introduces us to his new office, the 1,000mph office.

Designed to smash the 1,000mpph barrier and take the land speed record the Bloodhound SSC is as much a technical marvel as it is a stunningly sleek piece of design work.

highpants-bloodhound-ssc-005Hidden under the sleek lines Bllodhound will be using a twin engine configuration with a jet engine initially providing acceleration then a hybrid solid fuel rocket is used to blast through the 1k mph mark. Both engines provide a combined 130,000bph that will see the wheels spinning at over 10,000rpm at top speed.

The current schedule should see runway testing up to 200mph take place in early 2016. Verneuk Pan in the Northern Cape region of South Africa has been chosen as the site for final testing and record setting runs. 300 people have already been employed to clear a 12 mile test track in preparation.

Backed by Lord Drayson the project was announced in 2008 and it has involved many English educational institutions at every stage of the project. The Bloodhound team have an incredible journey ahead of them, a journey well worth following; it’s going to be spectacular.

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