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The Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Party…

highpants-mustang-2015-50th-anniversary-blipOn April 17 1964 a legend was born. The Mustang quickly took the world by storm with its stunning lines and V8 muscle. Tomorrow the Mustang turns 50, and she looks better than ever.

To celebrate the big occasion Ford has planned a party at the very top of the Empire State building. A simple party wouldn’t befit the occasion though; Ford had to do something a little special. This time they chose to release a 50th Anniversary Edition of the 2015 Mustang and chop it into small pieces. The plan being to reassemble the car at the very top of the skyscraper.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the time-lapse video of the first test run at reassembly, released by Ford in the build up to the big party. Also included are videos of the meanest tuned Mustang money can buy, the Shelby Super Snake GT500. Sit back, relax and let the celebrations begin.


The Futility of Existence, the Hilarious Drunk Fail Video pitting Man against Fence…

highpants-fail-vodka-blipAfter a day of drinking Russian vodka life’s simplest tasks can become insurmountable obstacles. Take for example the video ‘Futility of Existence”, a simple tale of one man’s struggle to overcome a fence while inebriated.

As with most great obstacles in life there is often a simple solution just around the corner, if only we could see it through our defocusing vodka goggles. The solution in this case makes for a sweet punch line.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the most hilarious encounter in the war of man versus fence. A video that proves thoat drunks make the best fail videos, and vodka makes the best drunks. Sit back, relax and be sure to wait till the room stops spinning before trying to stand up.


Wheel of Fortune, The Best and Worst Contestants Ever Appeared this Month…

highpants-wheel-of-fortune-best-worstThe Wheel of Fortune game show has entertained for decades but in the last month records have been shattered, standards reset.

The end of March saw the best contestant ever solve the unsolvable puzzle and promptly take home $45,000. And this week the far more hilarious worst ever contestant record was shattered by student Julian Batts. Not once but twice he was completely unable to solve fully revealed puzzles. The laughs just keep building throughout the show till he lets the gibberish spill forth.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the two videos that demonstrate the highs and lows of game show life. From miraculous victory to dumfounding losses the Wheel has it all. Sit back, relax and spin that wheel.


Tripping Down Memory Lane, 100 Commodore 64 Games in 10 minutes…

Highpants-memory-laneCommodore-64-blipThe light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, the Commodore 64 burned even brighter again. With sales records that still stand to this day and a catalog of games that modern consoles envy the C64 is a cornerstone of gaming’s early days.

Take a trip down memory lane with YouTuber laffer35 as he presents game-play from 100 classic C64 games in 10 minutes. From the instantly recognizable Last Ninja 2 to the joystick destroying California Games our favorites are all there.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the video that demonstrates the sheer power of 8-bit computing, 8 bit at its best. Some of them will make you smile, others will make you wonder, if you were there all of them will take you back. Sit back, relax and let the history class begin.


BAE’s EM Railgun goes to Sea, Test Firing at Mach 7.5…

Highpants-EM-Railgun-blipThe invisible forces of electromagnetic power are slowly being tamed by the US Navy. In the labs for nearly a century the Electromagnetic Railgun is nearing completion and preparing to head to sea.

BAE is expecting to begin testing their latest high power EM Railgun aboard the US Navy’s JHSV class of battleship by 2016, just two years away. A test that will mark the first time an EM Railgun has been fired at sea. The technology isn’t due to go into service till after 2020 but the tactical EM Railgun is drawing near.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the videos that demonstrate the destructive force of a projectile traveling at incredible speed. Sit back, relax and please select your target carefully.


The 2015 Corvette Stingray Convertible joins the Corvette Line-up…


Chevrolet has promised something big for Corvette fans during next week’s New York motor show. Not only is the already announced 2015 Stingray Z06 generating a buzz with its eye catching lines and new power plant but a new variant of the seminal American muscle car will also be revealed to the world.

Happily spoiling their own surprise Chevrolet has revealed a week early that the new Corvette variant is a convertible, the Corvette Stingray Convertible. Happy in the knowledge that seeing the car in real life will still generate wow moments Chevrolet has released specifications and a series of sumptuous preview photos of the new car.


No-one is more scared of Dinosaurs than Zack…

highpants-scary-dinosaurs-blipLiving with dinosaurs would have been a frighteningly hazardous life, thankfully they evolved into birds and now we eat them deep fried southern style. If they were real how would you react to the site of a hungry dinosaur?

Dinosaur animatronics can be so stunningly realistic that they can instill a sense of fear in anyone, especially Zack. Stumbling upon an impressively realistic animatronic dinosaur Zack reacts as many of us would.  A reaction that is priceless and a momentary glimpse of how it might have been to live with dinosaurs, just run.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the video that put a grin on the face of animatronics makers everywhere. Sit back, relax and put aside all disbelief for just a moment.


The Illuminating Logitech K830, the latest living-room ready keyboard…

highpants-logitech-k830-blipBuilding the ultimate home theatre PC to drive that brand new 4K TV is only the first step in a journey into tech nirvana. Actually using the setup is the important bit, the nirvana bit.

This however is reliant on the keyboard and mouse, and the living room is no place for an ordinary keyboard or mouse. The latest specially designed living room ready keyboard from Logitech is the Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-room Keyboard, the ultimate home theatre PC companion.

Designed for life in the living-room the K830 includes the essential home theatre PC features; long distance wireless (33 feet), backlit keys and a touch-pad that allows the K830 to go solo.


The Four Chair Trick, Are Chairs Now Obsolete?..

highpants-4-girl-chair-trick-blip Brusspup, producer of many fascinating videos is back with a simple and stunning trick that will mesmerize you and all of your friends. A fun and astounding trick that anyone can easily try at home or even better at a party. Simply follow the layout presented and prepare to be amazed.

The 4 chair trick requires only four willing participants, four sturdy chairs and the following of four easy steps. The trick can of course be executed with any mix of genders and potentially with more than four people. The results will have you scratching your head before the realization that gravity is great sets in.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the amusingly curious video featuring four girls who become their own chairs. Sit back, relax and let gravity take its course.


Permanent Magnetic Motors, the Coolest Engines that Don’t Require Fuel…

highpants-permanent-magnet-motors-blipMaking use of the force of permanent magnets has been a curious human pastime ever since the discovery of naturally occurring Lodestones 2,500 years ago.

The availability of modern super strong Neodymium magnets and fertile imaginations has led to many unusual motors powered by permanent magnets alone, requiring no fuel or external energy to work. Who knew an iron marble could be the future of power generation!?

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the most dazzling and almost hypnotic example of magnetic motion, and other creative ways of applying magnetic effects. Sit back, relax and hit the play button to begin relearning everything you thought you knew about magnets and engines.


The Adventures of Kim Jong Un continue, Kim Jon Un vs. Kim Jong Il (Part 2)…

highpants-the-adventures-of-kim-jong-un-blipCollege Humor has once again come to the comedy rescue with another hilarious episode of The Adventures of Kim Jong Un, Kim Jon Un vs. Kim Jong Il (Part 2).

This latest in the long running parody comedy spoof sees the great malevolent leader once again battling with the world’s greatest villains. This time round vanquishing his greatest foe since going toe to toe with Vladimir Putin, this latest episode also reveals some of the true history of North Korea’s most popular leader.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the latest episode of animated hilarity along with a brief history of the adventures. Site back, relax and prepare to be dazzled by his brilliance.


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